Media Highlights

Associated Press
Chicago video tests newsroom handling of graphic footage
April 16, 2021

The Associated Press quoted Allissa Richardson on how newsrooms are handling showing graphic footage of police brutality. “It’s finally starting to sink in that we can tell these stories without the final moment of impact,” she said.

The New York Times Magazine
Did the music industry change? A race ‘report card’ is on the way.
April 15, 2021

The New York Times noted that the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative has been commissioned to examine diversity within the music industry.

Sacramento Bee
Which state is doing more for undocumented residents in COVID era? California or New York? Read more here:
April 14, 2021

The Sacramento Bee quoted Roberto Suro on how California has treated its undocumented residents in the COVID era. “The pandemic brought this recognition of immigrant workers, including the unauthorized, as an important segment of the economy and workforce,” he said.

The Covid-19 vaccine script that TV shows are using to fight fear and misinformation
April 8, 2021

CNBC spoke with Kate Folb of the Hollywood, Health & Society program about how TV shows are folding coronavirus vaccines into scripts.

Latinos’ Absence in Hollywood Has Felt Deliberate. Is 2021 the Year It Changes?
April 8, 2021

Variety cited research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the percentage of speaking characters in major films who are Latino.

USA Today
Have social platforms reached their peak? Pew Research survey shows little user growth since last year.
April 7, 2021

USA Today featured Karen North on how many social networks are struggling to grow, with the exception of Reddit. "[Reddit] has evolved into a really powerful set of communities where important conversations are happening, despite some questionable groups also thriving in it," she said.

Time to regulate AI that interprets human emotions
April 6, 2021

In an essay for Nature, Kate Crawford calls for the regulation of artificial intelligence systems that interpret human emotions. "It is time for legislative protection from unproven uses of these tools in all domains — education, health care, employment and criminal justice," she wrote.

Fast Company
What an ancient lake in Nevada reveals about the future of tech
April 6, 2021

Fast Company ran an excerpt from Kate Crawford's new book, Atlas of AI. "The term artificial intelligence may invoke ideas of algorithms, data, and cloud architectures, but none of that can function without the minerals and resources that build computing’s core components," she wrote.

Los Angeles Times
Hollywood has overlooked the 50-plus audience. Producer Amy Baer aims to change that.
April 5, 2021

The Los Angeles Times cited research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the scarce number of characters 60 and over in feature films.

Washington Post
In a rare admission, MTV says its mental-health portrayals are sometimes damaging
April 1, 2021

The Washington Post featured research by Stacy Smith and Katherine Pieper of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the poor portrayal of mental health across ViacomCBS programming, including MTV's shows. "There is a significant disconnect between screen storytelling and what's going on in society," Smith said.

Los Angeles Times
Facing recall, Newsom’s political future is tied to California vaccine effort
April 1, 2021

The Los Angeles Times quoted Dan Schnur on how Gov. Gavin Newsom's political future is connected to COVID-19 vaccinations. “Every vaccination gets [Newsom] a little bit closer to defeating the recall,” Schnur said.

The New York Times
Black friendship, broadcasted
April 1, 2021

The New York Times cited research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on diversity in Netflix's movies and TV shows.