Media Highlights

Amy Poehler on Netflix’s 'Wine Country,' Stacey Abrams, and good ol’ Leslie Knope
Apr. 17, 2019

Elle mentioned research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry.

Trump's sanctuary threat could answer immigrants' prayers
Apr. 17, 2019

RealClearPolitics quoted Roberto Suro about President Donald Trump's proposal to send undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Los Angeles Times
California hits back as Trump threatens to ‘dump’ immigrants in ‘sanctuary cities’
Apr. 16, 2019

The Los Angeles Times quoted Roberto Suro about President Donald Trump's proposal to send all undocumented immigrants to self-declared sanctuary cities.

ABC News (Australia)
Game of Thrones' family problems have things to teach us about our own families
Apr. 15, 2019

ABC News (Australia) quoted Diane Winston about the plausibility of the family dynamics seen on "Game of Thrones."

The Huffington Post
Netflix’s ‘Special’ aims to smash barriers for queer and disabled lives on TV
Apr. 15, 2019

The Huffington Post cited a study by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative about the portrayal of disabled characters in entertainment.

The New York Times
As Hollywood embraces diversity, jobs for female directors remain sparse
Apr. 14, 2019

The New York Times cited research by Stacy Smith of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the lack of gender parity among directors for the entertainment industry's top films.

Columbia Journalism Review
The real costs of Devin Nunes’s defamation lawsuit
Apr. 12, 2019

Columbia Journalism Review quoted Michael Overing on the costs of Rep. Devin Nunes' defamation lawsuit for media companies.

Jewish Journal
GOP has little hope of gaining Jewish majority
Apr. 10, 2019

The Jewish Journal published an op-ed by Dan Schnur on whether the Republican Party will be able to win over a majority of Jewish voters.

The New York Times
Tayla Parx helped Ariana Grande evolve. Now it’s her turn.
Apr. 10, 2019

The New York Times cited research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the lack of gender parity in the music industry. The Times also referenced their research on the lack of diversity in the television and film industries here.

2019 Pulitzer Preview: Not all, but many, winners may be about the president
Apr. 9, 2019

Poynter highlighted the 2019 Selden Ring Award for Investigative Reporting, and this year's winner, The Center for Investigative Reporting's Reveal. The Philadelphia Inquirer, which was a finalist, also wrote about the award.

Mission accomplished? Scoring Newsom’s trip to El Salvador
Apr. 9, 2019

CalMatters quoted Dan Schnur about the politics behind California Gov. Gavin Newsom's trip to El Salvador.