Media Highlights

WNYC Studios
Chicago Defender ends print run
July 11, 2019

WNYC Studios' The Takeaway featured an interview with Shaya Tayefe Mohajer on the Chicago Defender ending its print publication and what digital-only means for outlets that serve specific, underserved communities.

The Guardian
With her back against the wall, Kamala Harris surged. Will it last?
July 11, 2019

The Guardian quoted Dan Schnur on Kamala Harris's presidential chances in 2020.

Los Angeles Daily News
‘Health navigators’ connect undocumented to California’s expanding health network
July 9, 2019

The Los Angeles Daily News featured a story from the USC Center for Health Journalism Collaborative on how "health navigators" are connecting the undocumented to California's expanding health network.

Morning Consult
Allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump largely fall on deaf ears
July 8, 2019

Morning Consult quoted Christina Bellantoni on the recent sexual assault allegations aimed at President Donald Trump.

Report: Intimate partner simple assault no. 1 crime against females in L.A.
July 8, 2019

FoxLA cited analysis by Crosstown of intimate partner violence against female victims in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times
Don't romanticize busing. It was an imperfect tool in the fight against segregation.
July 7, 2019

The Los Angeles Times featured an op-ed from Sandy Banks on the tendency to romanticize busing as a tool against segregation.

Los Angeles Daily News
California school-based health centers bridge gap to uninsured children
July 4, 2019

The Los Angeles Daily News featured a story from the USC Center for Health Journalism Collaborative on how California school-based health centers are treating uninsured children.

United Press International
Five shows that bring liberals and conservatives together
July 2, 2019

United Press International (via The Conversation) featured analysis from Johanna Blakley of the Norman Lear Center on five television shows that bring liberals and conservatives together.

Traffic data now supports our suspicions. There are best and worst days to drive on LA freeways.
July 2, 2019

LAist cited an article from Crosstown that analyzes which days and times are best and worst for commuting in Los Angeles.

Washington Post
How gay rights went mainstream — and what it cost
June 30, 2019

The Washington Post featured an op-ed from Diane Winston on how gay rights have gone mainstream.

If L.A. won’t raises taxes for schools, will Californians vote to overhaul Proposition 13?
June 27, 2019

CALmatters featured an op-ed from Dan Schnur on how California can convince its voters to properly fund its schools.