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WBUR-FM's 'Here & Now'
Journalism professor: Stop showing violent police videos
May 6, 2021

WBUR-FM's Here & Now interviewed Allissa Richardson on the public airing of videos showing the deaths of Black people at the hands of police. "Only African Americans have to show, or prove, that they did not deserve their own killing in this way," she said.

Los Angeles Times
Op-Ed: Yahoo! Answers is shutting down and taking a record of my teenage self with it
May 4, 2021

The Los Angeles Times featured an op-ed by PhD student Frances Corry on what happens when social platforms shut down. "In many ways, what is put on these platforms today represents a significant part of our cultural heritage, however banal it may seem in the present," she wrote.

NBC News
She called out health care misinfo on TikTok. Then, the trolls found her.
May 3, 2021

NBC News spoke with Karen North about the heated debates on social media over pandemic restrictions. "We can now go online and not only watch someone break a rule but watch someone attack someone for breaking a rule,” she said.

The wires may be there, but the dollars aren’t: Analysis shows why millions of California students lack broadband
April 28, 2021

CalMatters spoke with Hernán Galperin on the efforts to solve California's digital divide. "Before the pandemic, there's been more attention to deployment issues," he said, "but much less attention to the affordability gap."