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Media Highlights

Los Angeles Times
Riz Ahmed wants to end Hollywood’s misrepresentation of Muslims. Here’s how.
June 10, 2021

The Los Angeles Times featured research by Stacy Smith of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the extremely low percentage of speaking roles for Muslim characters in recent popular films. The study will power a new Blueprint for Muslim Inclusion, which is focused on Muslim representation in media.

The New York Times
She exposed the truth about ‘dirty money’: It’s everywhere
June 10, 2021

The New York Times featured an op-ed by Mark Schoofs on the need for federal protection of whistleblowers. "The government has generally avoided prosecuting journalists. But it seems to feel no compunction about going after the people who give journalists their information," he wrote.

NBC News
'In the Heights' breaks ground by rejecting old Latino movie tropes
June 10, 2021

NBC News cited research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the low percentage of speaking roles in 2019's top movies that went to Latinos.

The Guardian
Microsoft’s Kate Crawford: ‘AI is neither artificial nor intelligent
June 6, 2021

The Guardian spoke with Kate Crawford about artificial intelligence and her new book, Atlas of AI. "We are commonly presented with this vision of AI that is abstract and immaterial. I wanted to show how AI is made in a wider sense — its natural resource costs, its labor processes and its classificatory logics," she said.