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The Conversation
Unregulated online political ads pose a threat to democracy
July 9, 2024

Adjunct Instructor Steve Caplan wrote about the lack of transparency and accountability for political ads in the United States on social media platforms and other websites in an ever-changing communications landscape. 

The Los Angeles Times
What’s it like being invited to join the film academy? These Latinos tell us
June 27, 2024

Research from the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative was mentioned in a story highlighting notable Latino inductees into the film academy amidst Latino under-representation in film.

Every Hollywood “it” boy is a white guy
June 17, 2024

A USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative report on unequal representation in popular Hollywood films was mentioned in a story about the new generation of male movie stars remaining predominantly white.

Photos Purport To Show Damage To U.S. Aircraft Carrier After Houthi Missile Strike
June 10, 2024

Part-Time Lecturer of Communication Julianna Kirschner was quoted an article about misinformation and disinformation on social media as it relates to the suspect provenance of debunked photos depicting false damage from a missile strike against a U.S. aircraft carrier.