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Media Highlights

Institute for Public Relations
How should corporations respond to social issues
April 30, 2024

Institute for Public Relations shared a report from the Annenberg Center for Public Relations that analyses the perceptions of corporate activism. 

Social media has already won the latest press war
April 30, 2024

Forbes quoted Part-time Lecturer of Communication Julianna Kirschner about the ways news outlets have adapted to viewers who seek content on social media. 

Spectrum News 1
L.A. TACO launches membership drive to save publication
April 19, 2024

Spectrum News 1 interviewed Professor of Professional Practice of Journalism Amara Aguilar about community news outlets, such as LA Taco, that are struggling with funding.

NBC News
Why many WNBA players leave the U.S. to supplement their incomes
April 19, 2024

NBC News quoted Adjunct Instructor Rob Parker for a story about why many WNBA players leave the U.S. to supplement their income.