Media Highlights

Yahoo News
'They wait out the audience': Twitter knows it's just a matter of time before you love Fleet
November 18, 2020

Yahoo News quoted Karen North in an article about the negative reaction to Fleets, a new Twitter story feature.

San Diego Union-Tribune
Our politics pit cities against rural areas, but all Americans are struggling
November 17, 2020

The San Diego Union-Tribune featured an Op-Ed by Joel Day of the Center on Public Diplomacy on how Americans in cities and in rural areas are pitted against one another.

The Atlantic
It Wasn’t a Gun: A material archive of police violence
November 13, 2020

Allissa V. Richardson wrote a piece for The Atlantic on Amber N. Ford's Mistaken Identity photography series, which documents objects that had been held by Black people when they were killed or injured by police.

Los Angeles Times
Op-Ed: Latino political power is still growing — but not the way many people expected
November 11, 2020

The Los Angeles Times featured an Op-Ed by Roberto Suro on the political power of Latinx voters. "Like a megadose of online learning, obsessive attention to election results during the long count drove home the very belated realization that Latino voters are not, and have never been, a monolith," he wrote.

How to listen to Trump voters
November 11, 2020

CNN cited research by Emilio Ferrara on more swing-state voters believing in QAnon conspiracies and how that may have contributed to pre-election polling inaccuracy. His work was also referenced by Fast Company.

The New York Times
Study considers a link between QAnon and polling errors
November 6, 2020

The New York Times featured research by Emilio Ferrara on more swing-state voters believing in QAnon conspiracies and how that may have contributed to pre-election polling inaccuracy. "The higher the support for QAnon in each state, the more the polls underestimated the support for Trump," he said.

Washington Post
The Technology 202: The wait for election results is an unprecedented test for Silicon Valley
November 4, 2020

The Washington Post quoted Mike Ananny on how waiting for election results will test the top social media companies.

KCRW-FM's 'Greater L.A.'
Analyzing L.A. results so far: district attorney, social services funding, Latino voting bloc
November 4, 2020

KCRW-FM's Greater L.A. featured Dan Schnur on the early Los Angeles election results, including the district attorney race. He was also quoted in the Los Angeles Times on the money poured into two L.A. school board races.

Christian Science Monitor
Women created the blues. Now they are taking it back.
November 4, 2020

The Christian Science Monitor cited research from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the percentage of popular songs performed or written by female artists.

KCRW-FM's 'Greater L.A.'
California featured Republican heavy hitters for decades. So why did it turn blue?
November 3, 2020

KCRW-FM's Greater L.A. featured Roberto Suro on the rise in Latinx voter participation in California over the past several decades, including many who remain Republicans. "Mexican Americans are significantly more conservative on social issues, on law and order, [and] support for the military," he said.

Blue Ridge Muse
Century-old church sanctuary up for sale in Roanoke: Another bad omen for religion?
October 31, 2020

The Blue Ridge Muse blog interviewed Diane Winston about how the closing of a historic church is a sign of declining religiosity among U.S. youth. “Many religions just don’t feel relevant to a lot of these young people,” she said.