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Media Highlights

The nation’s most prolific stained glass operation is a small Calif. family studio
February 12, 2024

SFGate published an article by Adjunct Instructor Paula Mejia about the history of Judson Studios and William Lees Judson, the LA artist of the early 1900s.

Los Angeles Times
Long before he took on Trump, Adam Schiff’s pursuit of tough justice defined his career
February 9, 2024

The Los Angeles Times quoted Adjunct Instructor Dan Schnur about U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff’s reputation for tough justice.

As Chinese immigration to U.S. rises, Republicans and Trump use ‘military age men’ scare tactic
February 7, 2024

PolitiFact quoted Clayton Dube, director of the USC US-China Institute, about Chinese immigrants coming to the United States and recent comments made by the candidate and former president Donald Trump. 

‘Longshot’ legislation
February 6, 2024

LAist quoted Adjunct Instructor Dan Schnur about the tendency of California Assembly members to introduce several bills early in the session to draw attention to certain issues, even though they die quickly.