Media Highlights

Washington Post
All of your Uber-related dating questions answered
Feb. 21, 2019

The Washington Post published an op-ed by Keith Plocek on how ride-hailing apps have changed dating.  

The New York Times
It Was the Hottest Oscar Night Party. What Happened?
Feb. 21, 2019

The New York Times quoted Marty Kaplan of the Norman Lear Center about Vanity Fair's Oscar Party. The paper also quoted Kaplan about the devices television writers use to write characters out of storylines.

Elizabeth Warren plants a flag in California, as state's early primary scrambles the calendar
Feb. 21, 2019

Yahoo quoted Dan Schnur about Sen. Kamala Harris' early-state strategy for the Democratic presidential primaries.

The Nation
Fixing tech’s ethics problem starts in the classroom
Feb. 21, 2019

The Nation quoted Safiya Umoja Noble about the implicit bias built into search engines and computer software.