Media Industries and Journalism Research

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We define media industries broadly from television, film, music, sports, and radio, to streaming services, platforms, immersive media (VR/AR/MR), gaming, and social media — and the convergences across them all. 

Our researchers examine the structures and transformations of these media to understand the power they have to shape ethical, policy, economic, social and cultural dynamics.

Media Industries and Journalism research in action

Understanding global creator culture

David Craig maps the rise of creator culture — and how it’s changing the media industry.

Using mobile technology for citizen journalism

Allissa Richardson’s research on using mobile devices to report on social movements and police violence led to her new book, Bearing Witness While Black: African Americans, Smartphones and the New Protest #Journalism.

A better news model

Su Jung Kim studies the dynamics between media users and their media environments. Her research looks at how news organizations can use audience behavior data to plan.

Faculty researching in the field of Media Industries and Journalism

Associated centers

Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship

The M{2e} program examines the evolution of business models in industries such as journalism, music, and television as they are reshaped by technology.

Image of the Journalist in Pop Culture

Image of the Journalist in Pop Culture catalogues images of the journalist in pop culture to demonstrate their impact on the public’s perception of newsgatherers.

Annenberg Game Lab

The Annenberg Game Lab empowers graduate students studying games and their players to conduct research such as surveys, interviews participant observation, content analyses, and more in partnership with game developers.