Charlotta Bass Journalism and Justice Lab

The Charlotta Bass Journalism and Justice Lab saves, studies and shares news stories and oral histories about Black social justice trailblazers on the West Coast. Additionally, they connect USC Annenberg students to trusted media outlets that value Black storytelling — especially in XR. 

The lab honors Charlotta Spears Bass, the pioneering Black woman activist and editor-publisher of the California Eagle newspaper. The Eagle was one of the first and longest-running Black publications in the region. Bass was also the first Black woman to be nominated for Vice President of the United States. 

The Bass Lab: 

  • Builds extended reality (XR) archives of Black social justice journalism, which has galvanized movements in Washington, Oregon and California
  • Captures oral testimonies of Black history makers
  • Connects student “Bass Fellows” to strategic partners in the media industry, where they gain professional experience reporting on race and justice
  • Creates opportunities to learn more about the rich legacy of Black social justice journalism in the West
  • Hosts public lecture series
  • Hosts a high school summer camp for future USC students
  • Builds traveling museum exhibits and mobile apps, which allow visitors to immerse themselves into the world of Black civic engagement

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