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Banet-Weiser set to release two books

Associate communication professor Sarah Banet-Weiser has two books forthcoming in the next two months: Kids Rule!: Nickelodeon and Consumer Citizenship (Duke University Press, October 2007) and Cable Visions: Television Beyond Broadcasting (New York University Press, September 2007).

In Kids Rule!, author Banet-Weiser examines the cable network Nickelodeon in order to rethink the relationship between children, media, citizenship, and consumerism.

Kids Rule! is an immensely important and exciting book,” said Angela McRobbie, author of The Uses of Cultural Studies. “Based on meticulous research, with a strong cultural production approach, it is a book that will be widely read by scholars and students alike. It fills a large gap in this terrain of work and it is lively, thorough, and brimming with insight and argument.”

Said author Ellen Seiter: "Kids Rule! challenges us to think about Nickelodeon's impact on our ideas about childhood, consumerism and citizenship. With wit and insight, Sarah Banet-Weiser explains how this phenomenal cale and branding success story changed children's TV while deftly promoting its brand worldwide. A must-read for parents and teachers."

Banet-Weiser is the co-editor for Cable Visions, which looks beyond broadcasting's mainstream, toward cable's alternatives, to critically consider the capacity of commercial media to serve the public interest.

“Through a series of highly original and carefully researched essays, Cable Visions offers a lively and comprehensive survey of the contemporary multichannel television landscape in the United States, said William Boddy, author of New Media and Popular Imagination: Launching Radio, Television, and Digital Media in the United States.

Kids Rule!: Nickelodeon and Consumer Citizenship 
Cable Visions: Television Beyond Broadcasting 
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