Persuasion and Politics Research

Panel of experts discussing politics.

With a foundation in classical and contemporary theories, we analyze the evolution of strategies and tactics of persuasive communication across diverse fields of advocacy, including law, politics, journalism, organizations, public relations, and social movements in response to changing topics and technological capabilities and platforms.

Persuasion and Politics research in action

A way with words

USC Annenberg faculty and doctoral student researchers discuss how language evolves to make meaning in an ever-changing world.

Politics, polarization and purpose

Fred Cook shares highlights from The Polarization Index (PI), the first-ever data science-based index tracking national political division as measured within social media conversations.

The socialist bogeyman: What social media can teach us about American political discourse today

Robert Kozinets discusses his use of his netnography method to quantify social discourse into data that reveals insights about American politics.

Faculty researching in the field of Persuasion and Politics

Associated centers

Center for Public Relations

The USC Center for Public Relations (CPR) connects businesses, agencies, academics, and students. Their mission is to advance both the study and practice of public relations through research, education, and innovation.

Center on Public Diplomacy

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy examines how government, corporate, and non-state actors engage foreign audiences to facilitate intercultural dialogue and understanding worldwide.

Center on Communication Leadership and Policy

The Center on Communication Leadership and Policy sponsors research and organizes courses, programs, and symposia for scholars, students, and working professionals to prepare the next generation of leaders in a rapidly evolving media environment.