Media Highlights

Dallas Morning News
‘The Brink’ looks at the time when nuclear war was just a mistake away
Aug. 6, 2018

The Dallas Morning News published a book review by Philip Seib of The Brink, a book about President Reagan and the nuclear war scare of 1983.

Sydney Morning Herald
Female friendships at the core of new movie ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’
Aug. 5, 2018

The Sydney Morning Herald cited research by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the gender imbalance among major Hollywood feature film directors in a review of “The Spy Who Dumped Me.”

KPCC-FM’s FilmWeek
Critic roundtable: FilmWeek weighs in on lack of diversity in film journalism
Aug. 3, 2018

KPCC-FM's FilmWeek mentioned the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative in a roundtable discussion and podcast about the lack of diversity in film journalism.  

The New York Times
Hollywood is as white, straight and male as ever
Aug. 3, 2018

The New York Times highlighted research by Stacy Smith, Marc Choueiti, Katherine Pieper and colleagues from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the entertainment industry. See also: “Marketplace,” CBC Radio Canada and ABC News (Australia).

KPCC-FM’s Take Two
California's fuel-economy rules under attack, Trader Joe's in Silverlake reopens, the history of LA baseball
Aug. 3, 2018

KPCC-FM's Take Two interviewed Clayton Dube of the USC Annenberg School's U.S.-China Institute on how a trade war with China may affect Los Angeles’ economy.

ESPN’s The Undefeated
A woman’s place is at the soundboard: Women’s Audio Mission works to change the industry of music
Aug. 3, 2018

ESPN's The Undefeated mentioned research by Stacy Smith, Marc Choueiti and Katherine Pieper of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative that tracked the gender and race of performers, writers and producers.

Los Angeles Times
Facebook says it has been targeted by a political influence campaign again
Jul. 31, 2018

Karen North is quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about Facebook’s announcement that it had again been targeted by a political influence campaign.

Simone Manuel rewrites athlete activism with TYR sport inclusion rider
Jul. 30, 2018

An article in Forbes mentions Stacy Smith in discussing swimmer Simone Manuel’s contract with swimwear brand TYR, which contains an inclusion rider.

Comic-Con cosplay crisis? These superheroes will save you
Jul. 23, 2018

A CNET article on cosplay-repair volunteers at Comic-Con quotes Henry Jenkins on how fandom brings together people with unique skills.

Wall Street Journal
Breaking up big tech is hard to do
Jul. 22, 2018

Jonathan Taplin is quoted in an article about the prospect of breaking up big tech firms.