USC Annenberg Student Summer Showcase

USC Annenberg students are known for being talented, hard-working and accomplished individuals when they're on the USC campus during the school year--but that success doesn't stop when classes do.

Whether spending their time working overseas or for some of the most recognizable news, sports, entertainment, research and public relations entities right here in Los Angeles, there's hardly ever a dull moment in the summer of a USC Annenberg student.

We're collecting news of the adventures and opportunities our USC Annenberg students are embarking on this summer, so if you or a USC Annenberg student you know have an internship, fellowship, research opportunity or other noteworthy experience to share, make sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter at @USCAnnenberg and tell us all about your summer.

Then, be sure to check back to see your USC Annenberg student summer experience showcased, and to see what your classmates and colleagues are up to!

Olivia Niland is a senior journalism major and has written for USC Annenberg for three years. Off-campus, she has interned for outlets including Mashable, NBC Los Angeles and The Hollywood Reporter, and recently spent a semester studying journalism in London...

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