What's Behind the Curtain: Media Center announcement guesses

On Wednesday, February 25, USC Annenberg officially announced the naming of the Media Center to be The Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves & CBS. For three days a black curtain hung in the Media Center, intriguing students and making them wonder what could it be?

Curious students took to social media in order to make their guesses.

Would it be a Hall of Fame, or a cupcake ATM? One user jokingly guessed “Are they gonna name the Media Center after me?” and @dlegas05 thought of a fun guess with “A wheel of fortune-style wall." On Twitter, alum Mike Huckman cleverly guessed "A significant contribution."

ATVN interviewed a few students who had some colorful guesses from “free laptops” to “more screens” and even a “$5 Million bouncy castle”. One student even suggested naming the Media Center after Brad Pitt or Steven Spielberg, while another passionately stated that Annenberg needed a fountain of its own.