Journalists React to 2014 USC Annenberg Selden Ring Award Winners

USC Annenberg's 2014 Selden Ring Award was presented to a team of reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for their documentary series "Deadly Delays."

The team--composed of Ellen Gabler, Mark Johnson, John Fauber, Allan James Vestal and Kristyna Wentz-Graff--documented how delays at hospitals around the United States place babies at greater risk for injury and death. The $35,000 Selden Ring Award has been presented annually for the past 25 years by the USC Annenberg School of Journalism in recognition of outstanding investigative journalism. Reporters and journalistic outlets across the country expressed their congratulations for the team after the award was announced today:


Olivia Niland is a senior journalism major and has written for USC Annenberg for three years. Off-campus, she has interned for outlets including Mashable, NBC Los Angeles and The Hollywood Reporter, and recently spent a semester studying journalism in London...

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