#ASCJNewYear - Welcome to the 2014-2015 academic year!

New building. New program. New era. Over the next few days the Inside Annenberg blog will bring you an exclusive preview of the exciting 2014-2015 academic year USC Annenberg faculty, students and staff have ahead of them. From event previews, to student and faculty profiles, to surveys of new classes and new academic minors, to looks at our groundbreaking new converged media center, the stories collected below under the heading of #ASCJNewYear are the beginning of an ongoing conversation about the important work we do together as members of the USC Annenberg community. As this is a conversation, we'd love it if you used the #ASCJNewYear hashtag on Twitter and Instagram while sharing and responding to these stories. We will collect and share those responses here as they come in.

New students to get a Taste of Annenberg August 21

Incoming USC Annenberg students will get a preview of the exciting four years ahead of them with the Taste of Annenberg new student event on August 21.

USC Annenberg offers new fall 2014 journalism courses

With a new building, new Master’s degree program, and new classes, the USC Annenberg School of Journalism will see some exciting changes this fall.

School of Communication offers new courses in the fall

This fall, the School of Communication is offering several new special topics classes, as well as a number of existing courses that are now a part of the school’s curriculum.

Minor Key: Introducing the brand new Media, Economics and Entrepreneurship minor

Over the last few years, an interdisciplinary program called Media, Economics and Entrepreneurship (M{2E}) has given students an invaluable, economic-focused understanding of the media landscape, but what it didn’t give them was an academic credential. That's where the brand new M{2E} minor comes in.

Annenberg X offers set of experimental learning courses for fall 2014

USC Annenberg Professors Jonathan Aronson, K.C. Cole and Marc Cooper will be part of a new series of two-unit courses this fall designed to engage students seeking careers in media, journalism, communications and entertainment with the world around them.

New Media Center is “one big sandbox for all our student productions” (VIDEO)

Chuck Boyles, director of multimedia technology for USC Annenberg, and Willa Seidenberg, Director of Annenberg Radio News, show off the converged Media Center at Wallis Annenberg Hall.

Master Class: Jackson Fellowship recipient Susan Valot on the Annenberg advantage

When Susan Valot graduated from college, she wasn’t sure she needed an advanced degree in journalism in order to pursue her craft. But when, after 17 years as a working journalist, she began to think about returning to school and becoming the first in her family to earn a master’s, she wasn’t sure how that dream was going to become a reality.

USC Annenberg welcomes Banet-Weiser and Bay as directors of Communication and Journalism Schools

Cue the sparklers and the USC Trojan marching band. On July 1, the Annenberg community heartily welcomed Sarah Banet-Weiser and Willow Bay on their first official days as the new directors of the Communication and Journalism Schools at USC Annenberg.