Stables crafts national debate topic

This debate season, college students all over the country will center their discussions on a topic proposed by communication professor and director of debate and forensics Gordon Stables.

Over the summer, Stables crafted a proposal on the "Arab Spring" movement that has been sweeping the Middle East. His paper earned the approval of more than 100 colleges and universities in the debate community. In addition to directing the Trojan Debate Squad, Stables is proud to be part of the National Topic Selection Team. He not only has the opportunity to guide USC students, but also colleges nationwide. “It is a great honor to serve in this elected position because you have a great deal of responsibilities to help organize and frame the subject of debate education for thousands of students,” Stables said. Stables selected the Arab Spring not only to bring awareness to the controversy, but also to educate students.

He believes that the tremendous amount of change in the Arab regions makes it difficult for students to follow. However, the topic will provide a hands-on learning experience for those involved in the debate. “As a season-long topic, our students are now learning research techniques to help them track these kind of events," he said. "A big part of the rationale for this kind of topic is not only learning about the subject matter, but also learning new digital research strategies that are increasingly important for students."