Annenberg Survey Reveals Employment Numbers for Class of 2013

Every year, USC Annenberg alumni are asked to participate in a placement survey one year after graduation and the numbers — collected by the USC Annenberg Office of Career Development — are in for the class of 2013.

Of the graduates who responded to the survey (82 percent of the 2013 class), 97 percent of students who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and 98 percent of students who graduated with a Master’s degree were employed within 12 months of commencement. Of these undergraduates, 96 percent of communication students, 95 percent of journalism students and 100 percent of public relations students found jobs within a year. One hundred percent of responding graduates with a Master’s degree in Global Communication, Journalism, Strategic Public Relations or an online Master’s degree in Communication Management were employed in the same timeframe. For some, job placement happened quickly after graduation.

Josanta Gray graduated in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Communication Management after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2012. She interned for Creative Artists Agency immediately following graduation and was offered a permanent position there when her internship ended. Gray said Annenberg helped tremendously while looking for jobs by providing a “hands-on education that reflected the real world.” “It was an easy transition for me,” Gray said.

According to the survey, as well as supplemental information from LinkedIn and Annenberg alumni networks, the graduates have found jobs in fields ranging from advertising and journalism to entertainment and sports, with companies such as: Fusion, The Los Angeles Times, Metrolink, NBC Sports, NFL Network, Oracle, The Sacramento Bee, Twitter, Universal Pictures, The Walt Disney Company and Yelp. In communication, graduates are working as an Assistant Account Executive at TBWA/Media Lab, a Social Media Analyst at Initiative, and a Senior Account Associate at Mozaic Media + Communications. There are just a few examples of positions 2013 graduates now hold.

Mike Vulpo, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Print and Digital Journalism, is a now a news writer for E! Online. He credits Annenberg with giving him “the tools to write, edit, use social media and countless other desirable skills employers love to see.” “I firmly believe all of my entertainment courses, teachers and internships helped me succeed in such a competitive industry so quickly,” Vulpo said. “The job market remains so tough today, but I've found the Annenberg School has such a positive perception in and around Los Angeles.” For Rafael Fernandez de Castro, who graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and now works as a digital platform consultant with Fusion, “USC Annenberg is the best choice for anyone trying to enter a media world that is increasingly digital." "The school's world-class professors not only prepare students to succeed in a tough professional environment,” de Castro said, "but to also play leading roles in setting the agenda for their industries and fields."

Another 2013 Communication graduate, Amanda Giuliano, credits her USC Annenberg education with preparing her for a professional landscape where the only certainty is the need for strong communicators. “At USC Annenberg, I developed communication skills that I regularly deploy in a broad range of contexts,” Giuliano said, "such as public speaking and creating strong arguments, as well as entrepreneurship and business development. I also learned that the communication field is forever changing alongside social issues, technology, and media." Giuliano now works in media sales at Millennium Sales and Marketing, where she has daily interactions with media buyers and television stations. "As 'the middle man’ between the two,” Giuliano said, "there is a lot of back and forth communication. The ability to communicate and represent yourself well are some of the most important skills you could have as a college graduate, especially if you're going into an industry where you have no prior experience."

Along with communication, collaboration was at the center of Kathryn Hays’ USC Annenberg experience. Hays graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in business. She now works at Oracle in technology sales. "I was just in a meeting with 7 other USC graduates, Dean James Ellis of Marshall and Oracle's SVP Rich Geraffo,” Hays said. “We discussed the culture of Oracle, as well as how USC helped prepare us for our careers. I was quick to answer that the team-oriented mindset USC encourages — not only in the classroom, but through actives, clubs and community outreach — is instrumental to success in college and upon graduation. The survey shed light on the important role the Office of Career Development plays in helping both students and alumni find work through a variety of services such as career fairs and networking event held at USC Annenberg throughout the school year.

After connecting with public relations firm Edelman at a USC Annenberg career fair, James Bradicich — who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations — had his job as Assistant Account Executive lined up several months prior to graduation. “Undoubtedly, attending Annenberg was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” Bradicich said. Gordon Stables, assistant dean for Student Affairs — which includes Career Development, said that the high placement numbers are a product of hard work from the students, faculty, staff and alumni. “Every member of the Annenberg and Trojan family plays a role in the great job placement of our students,” he said. “It’s not surprising that the Annenberg advantage extends to making the transition from USC to your career.”

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