Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy Talks About 'The Late Show' Hiring Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman

USC Annenberg Professor Mary Murphy was featured in several stories about David Letterman’s departure from “The Late Show.”

Prior to CBS’ decision to replace Letterman with Stephen Colbert, Murphy, who is also a former "Entertainment Tonight" producer, had other ideas about the new host.

“The bold move is choosing a woman,” Murphy told Bloomberg. “You put Tina, Amy, or Ellen in that position and it would be extraordinary. It’s an era where people are saying, ‘Not just one more guy sitting behind a desk.’”

However, she later told The Los Angeles Daily News that Colbert will bring about many positive changes to the show.

“This is not only a generational change, it is a cultural change,” said Murphy. “It is a homage to Comedy Central and a complete shift in what late night has been. We thought Fallon was the move into the future; THIS is the move into the future.”

Murphy was also featured on Inside Edition to talk about Letterman’s retirement and Colbert as the new host.