Travelogue: Annenberg Students in São Paulo

By Neftalie Williams (MPD ’14)

Earlier this year, the USC Annenberg Master’s of Public Diplomacy program conducted a research trip to São Paulo, Brazil to research how public diplomacy is integrated into various organizations within that nation. While there, I took time to chronicle some of the famously sprawling city’s more intimate streetscapes. The photo, above, of the young man seated captures a quiet moment of solitude in a small bakery in São Paulo on a street called Rua Fradique. This photo was taken moments after the man exchanged hugs and kisses with the owner of the café.

The larger photo is an insider’s view of “Beco de Batman,” or “Batman Alley,” in Vila Magdelena, a beautiful, modern section of São Paulo. Originally made famous by a graffiti-rendered image of Batman by an unknown artist, this series of alleyways is now home to works by many of Brazil’s greatest graffiti artists, including the image in red by seminal artist, Speto.