Courtesy of Brooke Kennedy

Leveraging YOU and your degree

A few words of advice from MCM Alum, Brooke Kennedy

Utilize your time in class – no matter how painful some may be

Looking back on my time in the MCM program, there isn’t one specific thing that I miss the most, but I encourage you to take advantage of everything while you’re there. As some of you may know, life tends to get busy and it’s easy to fall into a routine where you don’t give yourself time to think BIG.  School provides you a weekly opportunity to do just that, and to learn and discuss new media trends and have thought-provoking discussions.

Also, appreciate those professors that push your limits! One of my most memorable professors will always be Dr. David Craig, who was my mentor during my thesis development, as well. We still joke about how many times he had me rewrite my lit review and rethink my arguments, but I’m thankful that he pushed me to develop the best version of my thesis. I was able to delve deeper into an industry I aspired to be a part of, and sure enough, my thesis has been discussed in various job interviews and among colleagues.

Think smart, but make it fun!

When you’re given an assignment in class, choose topics that you’re interested in. Personally, I’ve pretty much always been fascinated with video, music and how to engage audiences with brands in creative ways, so I made sure to focus my assignments on these topics. This forces you to delve deeper into your industry and form your own opinion about specific subjects, which can be very useful in interviews, with colleagues, etc. From producing music videos and branded content, to utilizing video content as an advertising strategy, to now helping entertainment entities leverage their video content on the biggest video platform in the world (YouTube), each step of my career thus far has been a building block for the next move, but has always encompassed some or all three aforementioned interests that I’ve always had. 

Leverage your degree and connections

The knowledge I gained from the program has pushed me to give creative solutions to my clients, the confidence to discuss forward thinking topics surrounding the media and entertainment industries, and ultimately, the drive to continue forward into a niche space that exists at the intersection of media, tech and entertainment.

Don’t forget to make use of the Trojan network, either – ESPECIALLY after graduating. I still keep in touch with several of my professors, and they are genuinely interested in what’s going on in my post-grad life, both professionally and personally. Additionally, my current client services position at ZEFR came from a common connection via USC…so don’t be shy! It may just land you your dream job someday.