Center for Public Relations Professional Fellows Program

The Center for Public Relation’s Professional Fellows are a group of alumni and other industry practitioners who are actively involved with the center’s activities on a project basis. They contribute their professional expertise and open their networks to the center’s projects and act as mentors to our students.

Professional Fellows contribute to the center’s charter in a variety of ways:

  • Promote the center’s research projects, both during the research phase and post-publication
  • Provide access to corporate funding for the center’s projects
  • Mentor students
  • Present internship and job opportunities to our students
  • Monitor and share real-time industry trends regarding career opportunities, and also keeping a pulse on broader communications marketing trends (media, social, influencers, etc.)
  • Contribute to ongoing writing projects, such as the Relevance Report and other research pieces
  • Coordinate, moderate or participate in panels as subject matter experts

You can view a list of the center’s current fellows on the CPR staff page.