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10 ASCJ classes to consider for Fall 2021

With registration for the Fall 2021 semester running from March 29–April 16 for continuing undergraduate students, we’ve assembled a selection of courses to explore across communication, journalism, public diplomacy and public relations. 

COMM 315: Health Communication
#20500R | Robin Stevens
Mon./Wed., 2–3:20 p.m., 4 units

We will examine a variety of approaches to using communication strategies to improve public health — the good, the bad and the ugly. Students will use theory, epidemiology, and new and traditional media to design their own health communication campaigns to improve health disparities.

COMM 369: Public Diplomacy and Global Citizenship
#52802R  | Nick Cull
Tue./Thu., 11 a.m.–12:20 p.m., 4 units
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Can citizens impact world affairs? This class shows how they can and do, and how publics are part of foreign policy worldwide. Taught with regular guests including leading practitioners and innovators from around the world.

COMM 385: Organizational Communication
#20590R | Marlon Twyman
Tue./Thu., 2–3:20 p.m., 4 units

Organizations are essential and communication is foundational to their success. Learn how culture, strategy, leadership, and technology combine to create organizational experiences.

COMM 400: Seminar in Communication: Media and Activism
#20610R | Larry Gross
Thurs., 12:30–3:20 p.m., 4 units

Political activists have been engaged with the mass media from the American Revolution to contemporary movements for social and political change, including anti-racism, environmental, pro/anti-reproductive rights, LGBTQ activism, and even QAnon. 

COMM 400: Decolonizing Communication: Indigenous Voices and Activism
#20616R | Randy Lake
Mon./Wed., 12–1:50 p.m., 4 units

From Southern California to South America, Canada to Australia, indigenous peoples are reclaiming their heritages and making their voices heard in politics, media, and culture. This course explores the past, present, and future of Native nations, emphasizing their activism in pursuit of sovereignty and self-determination.

JOUR 499: Olympic Headlines: Past, Present and Future
#21451D | Erit Yellen
Mon., 2–5:20 p.m., 4 units

Examine how the Olympics has been used as a platform for social issues, through the viewpoints of athletes, sponsors, governing bodies and governments involved.

JOUR 488: Data-Driven Storytelling About Los Angeles
#21281R | Gabriel Kahn
Mon., 2–5:20 p.m., 4 units

With more than a decade of data about Los Angeles at your fingertips, learn how to craft a narrative out of numbers and turn data into a compelling story.

JOUR 407: World of Podcasting
#21430R | Willa Seidenberg
Tues., 2–5:20 p.m., 4 units

Gain the theoretical and practical framework to produce a narrative podcast and enter the growing podcast field.

PR 431: Integrated Media Planning and Buying
#21245R | *instructor not confirmed
Wed., 6–9:20 p.m., 4 units

Examine the constantly evolving media landscape, including paid, earned and owned forms of media, as well as the fundamentals of media planning, buying and selling in successful campaigns. 

PR 488: Multimedia PR Content: Visual Communication of Information
#21370R | Susanne Manheimer
Tues., 4:30–6:10 p.m., 2 units

Explore the tools and techniques available to convey messages and experiences, including graphic design, visual branding, and design methods and processes.