PBS Mediashift runs paper written by executive in residence Sill

On Dec. 30, PBS News' "MediaShift" ran an article featuring a paper published by the Annenberg Innovation Lab. The article, "The 5 Tenets of Open Journalism," was written by USC Annenberg's executive in residence, Melanie Sill.

"My open journalism idea sees journalism as acts that provide service in the larger context of Internet-era communication," Sill wrote. "In 2012 and beyond, in the communication age that has blossomed post-Internet, support involves not blind faith but open and active connection.

Sill's paper, "The Case for Open Journalism Now: A New Framework for Informing Communities,” focuses on five aspects of open journalism:

1. Transparency 2. Responsiveness and engagement as central functions 3. Substantive and mutually rewarding participation 4. Collaboration 5. Networked Presence

"The Case for Open Journalism Now" is one of the first "Future of Journalism" efforts by the Annenberg Innovation Lab, built as a simple website with a response function.

Read the MediaShift article here Read Sill's paper here