Around USC Annenberg: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Annenberg Digital News' Neon Tommy staff covers the Emmy Awards:

Here is a link to their coverage.


  • Faculty & student thoughts:

Journalism Professor Gabriel Kahn wrote a story for Slate about the increasing trend of universities adding online and ancillary programs to their curriculums: "Yet the program is also part of something much larger: the beginning of the unbundling of the American university. Much in the way that 12-song albums gave way to 99-cent iTunes purchases, universities are now under pressure to offer more ways to slice off smaller bits of education."

Communication Professor Josh Kun: Today's @USCAnnenberg class: duende, trance, and listening for the unknown — Josh Kun (@JDKun) September 20, 2013 Sophomore Max Schwartz: This is going to be a very exciting week. #PoliticalTalkPodcast starts and my new podcast #TheHotSeat starts as well. @AnnenbergRadio #ASCJ — Max Schwartz (@maxschwartztv) September 23, 2013

  • Daily scenes: USC Annenberg's Impact online director Lee T. Warner teaches a group of students in the USC Annenberg digital lab:
  • Inside USC Annenberg's media centers:

The Norman Lear Center's managing director and director of research Johanna Blakley has given two TED talks: Social Media & the End of Gender and Lessons from Fashion’s Free Culture. Blakley oversees all the digital research initiatives at the Lear Center, including the development of research databases, video archives, an online video remixing platform, 3D modeling simulations and a research center in Second Life. She earned her Ph.D in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and taught courses on popular culture and twentieth-century American literature there.

Read more about Johanna Blakley at her bio page.