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You may complete the degree program at your own pace. The fastest pace is four terms (fall, spring, summer and fall), taking two courses in the first term and up to three courses (with faculty approval) in subsequent terms. The slowest pace is one course per term (with or without summer sessions). However, most students complete the degree program in two years (without summer sessions). International students on an F-1 visa must enroll full-time in a minimum of 8 units (two courses) each Fall and Spring semester.

The Master of Communication Management (MCG) degree program requires 32 units of course work. Each MCG course is 4 units. Required courses include:

  • a foundational methods course (CMGT 540 – Uses of Communication Research) in the first semester
  • a foundational core concepts course (CMGT 501 – Communication Pro-Seminar) in the second semester
  • a capstone practicum course (CMGT 597a – Communication Research Practicum, 2 units; CMGT 597b, 2 units) in the penultimate and the final semesters
  • The remaining 20 units (5 courses) may be fulfilled with other CMGT courses in various areas of focus. Of the 20 units, up to 8 units may be taken outside the School of Communication (500-level courses in Journalism, Business, Cinematic Arts, and others). Courses are chosen with the approval of faculty advisors.