Communication Management (MCG) Fall 2024

When is the application deadline?

The international application deadline was November 15, 2023, late applications will not be accepted.

The U.S. citizen and U.S. permanent resident deadline is March 1, 2024. Admission decisions are released on a rolling basis.

What should I include in my résumé?

List all internships and paid employment. Describe the nature of work and dates of employment. Include academic and professional awards, honors, teaching experience, subject matter expertise, and language(s) proficiency other than English. As part of your education, include your high school name, city, and graduation date.

What is the personal statement and what should I address?

This statement should convey your interest in the field and be three to four pages long, typed, and double-spaced. Care should be taken to submit a clear, concise, and well‐written essay. Writing is a core competency for the Master of Communication Management, and the personal statement should reflect this. The statement should incorporate the answers to the following prompts:

  1. Why are you interested in pursuing the degree of Master of Communication Management?
  2. Which area of focus in Communication Management (e.g., marketing communication, media & entertainment management, organizational and strategic corporate communication, etc.) interests you more, and why?
  3. If there are other details about academic performance, etc. that you wish to share.

The statement must be your original words and work. Avoid using ChatGPT or other generative AI tools.

What type of writing sample is required?

The writing may take various forms: a report for your organization, press releases for clients, news articles, a set of substantial memos to your superiors successfully arguing for a particular position, or an academic paper for a college or university course. The writing sample should not exceed 10 pages.

The writing sample must be your original work. Avoid using ChatGPT or other generative AI tools or another person to write on your behalf.

How many letters of recommendation are needed and from whom?

All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. One recommendation must be from an instructor/professor, and another must be from a professional reference (i.e., direct supervisor or manager). Select your recommenders based less on their rank, but rather more on their ability to give in-depth insights about the quality of your work. Recent graduates, who have completed their undergraduate studies within the last two years, are expected to submit at least one academic recommendation.

If you are unable to obtain an academic and professional recommendation, two of the same type are acceptable. (i.e., all academic recommendations or all professional recommendations).

It is your responsibility to ensure all recommendation letters are submitted in the proper format prior to the appropriate deadline. Letters uploaded in the incorrect format will not be considered and will result in an incomplete application.

  1. Letters of recommendation must be typed on a university or company letterhead and contain true signatures (not only typed names) from recommenders.
  2. Recommendation letters must have a contact email, contact number and a LinkedIn (or equivalent site) or university profile website.

What admission test scores are required?

The USC Annenberg School has suspended the GRE requirement for all graduate applicants for admission to the 2024 admission cycle. All international student applicants are expected to demonstrate adequate English-language proficiency. To learn more about how to satisfy this requirement, click here. Also, review the USC Graduate Admission video tutorial titled, “English Proficiency Requirements for International Students” for more details. Test score results must be submitted electronically to USC and applicant-issued results with photo must be uploaded to the online application.

What if English is not my first language?

Some international applicants may be required to complete an intensive English language program through USC International Academy before admission to the Master of Communication Management. Visit for more information.

What financial support is available?

Departmental merit scholarships and fellowships are competitively awarded. All completed applications are considered for admission and departmental awards.

All US citizens and permanent residents are urged to submit a FAFSA after the admission application deadline.

International student applicants will find critical information at

Application Guidelines

The online USC Graduate Admission Application opens October 1, 2023. Go to to access the application.

Assemble the following documents and program materials which must be uploaded to your application:

  • CV or Résumé
  • Personal Statement
  • Writing Sample
  • Copy of Official Transcript(s)

All program materials must be in English and uploaded to the online application. Note: Once your application has been submitted, you may not add, edit or change any document or program material. Also, all submitted documents and program materials become the property of USC and will not be returned.

Official Transcripts

Copies of a registrar-issued official transcript (with registrar’s signature, stamp or seal) from all colleges and universities attended (including USC) must be uploaded to your application in the Academic History section. If you do not possess copies of your registrar-issued official transcripts, request to have official transcripts with legend or grading scale emailed to you from your previous colleges/universities.

After submitting your online application, request to have e-transcripts sent from your degree conferring institutions to USC Graduate Admission at


  • International transcripts must include the original language and the English translation as one document.
  • Transcripts from your institution’s student portal are unacceptable.


Create online profiles in the Program Materials section of the application by providing names and email addresses of your recommenders. Instructions and forms will be emailed to your recommenders. Only recommendations submitted through the online process are accepted.

Graduate Admission Testing

GRE scores are not required for admission to fall 2024.

Valid TOEFL, IELTS or PTE scores (taken August 2022 or later) are required from international student applicants unless waived; see below for the exception. To be considered official, USC must receive scores electronically from the testing service. A copy of the test score report with the photo image of the test-taker on the report must be uploaded to the online application. This must be submitted in addition to having official score reports sent to USC from the testing service. 

  • For TOEFL, request to have your scores sent to the USC institution code 4852.
  • For IELTS or PTE, select “University of Southern California” from the list of available institutions when you register for the test. Alternatively, provide this information to your testing center after you have taken the test.

Exception: If you completed your entire bachelor’s degree in the United States or another Anglophone country (i.e. where English is both the language of instruction and the only official language of the country), TOEFL and IELTS are waived.

  • Note: Completing a master’s degree In the United States or another Anglophone country will not waive TOEFL or IELTS.

Video Interview

All applicants are required to complete a recorded video interview via Kira Assessments. The recorded video response is an opportunity for the faculty admissions committee to get a sense of your potential and how you think on your feet. No advance preparation is required.

A desktop or laptop computer with a functioning webcam, microphone and internet connection are required. You may complete unlimited practice sessions prior to starting the interview. Once started, applicants will have one opportunity to respond (no exceptions).

Application Fee

Pay the $90 non-refundable application fee with a credit card or request an application fee waiver prior to submitting an application.

Fee Waiver

Review the fee waiver requirements at USC Graduate Admission website: Applicants seeking a fee waiver must start the online application and then wait for the fee waiver approval before submitting the application.