Areas of Focus

Communication Management is a broad field that encompasses many different specialties and disciplines. In the on-campus program, you may strategically hone in on a focus for depth and choose another area or two to develop breadth in your studies. Each area has its associated topics and courses that are organized into the areas of focus below:

Marketing Communication

The Marketing Communication area concentrates on developing and implementing effective communication strategies to connect with customers, clients, and general consumers outside the organization. It is particularly valuable for individuals with career interests in marketing and sales, brand partnerships, market research, marketing management, social marketing, advertising, public relations, public communication campaigns, and public or community affairs. 

Course topics include organizational identity (branding communication), storytelling, creative positioning and copywriting, digital marketing communication, global communication strategies, and the diverse, multicultural marketplace.

Strategic Organizational and Social Change Communication 

The Strategic Organizational and Social Change Communication area examines organizations’ internal communication functions and processes and how to externally influence positive behavioral and social change through effective communication messages and campaigns. It is particularly valuable for individuals with career interests in human resource management, corporate communication, strategic planning, operations management, communication consulting, nonprofit, and other general management functions. 

Course topics include strategic corporate communication, consulting, communication in work settings, strategy and change, team communication and leadership, crisis management, nonprofit advocacy, and corporate social responsibility.

Analytics in Communication

The Market Research and Analytics in Communication area is for communication professionals who are seeking to provide greater value to marketing, media, and other types of organizations through an understanding of data. The analytics area of focus combines data-analytic thinking with communication management expertise to solve problems from an applied research perspective.

Course topics include analytics and data visualization, analytics for communication decisions, big data in communication industries, and audience analysis. 

Media, Entertainment and Creator Industries

The Media, Entertainment and Creator Industries area is for students who wish to pursue or expand careers in dynamic fields of media, entertainment, and the creator economy. This area focuses on the ever-evolving landscape of media and entertainment, considering the impact of convergence and globalization on these industries. 

Course topics include social media creator culture, Hollywood at the global scale, streaming and convergence, the video game industry, visual storytelling, Web 3 technologies in media, and the international entertainment marketplace.