Managing Complexity in Diverse Organizations

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Managing Complexity in Diverse Organizations (MCDO) is a professional skills-building program that addresses a critical competency for 21st-century professionals — the ability to create, sustain and thrive within diverse work environments.

This immersive, eight-week, learner-centered program was designed by USC Annenberg to equip learners with the skills to collaborate with, manage and lead across teams with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Participants also learn how to create and support inclusive environments and how to help advance equity and representation in global contexts. 

Online course
MCDO is experienced live and online.

Program modules focus on topics such as fostering connection and inclusive cultures; managing implicit biases and power; the impact of technology on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA); creating representative and inclusive content; and developing habits and strategies to effect lasting change.

The program — which is experienced in 90-minute, synchronous online sessions — was developed by USC Annenberg faculty in collaboration with Minerva Project, a global education partner, and is delivered on Minerva’s active learning-focused online platform, Forum.

Working in small, cross-program cohorts, learners engage with case studies, simulations, and problem-solving activities that provide opportunities to apply the learned skills in the context of contemporary DEIA issues.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate in Managing Complexity in Diverse Organizations from USC Annenberg.

Beginning in Fall 2023, MCDO is a degree requirement for all incoming USC Annenberg graduate students in the School of Communication, which includes Communication Data Science (MS), Communication Management (MCG), Communication Management (Online) (MCG), Digital Media Management (Online) (MS), Digital Social Media (MS), Global Communication (MA) and Public Diplomacy (MPD), as well as the Public Relations and Advertising (MA) program and Public Relations Innovation, Strategy and Management (Online) (MS) program in the School of Journalism

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