Announcing the 2017 GCR Survey

We are pleased to announce that the survey, which informs the Global Communications Report is now live. It is being conducted in collaboration with the Holmes Report, AMECArthur W. Page Society, ICCO, IPR, Global AlliancePRCA UK/MENAPR Council, PRSA, PRSSA and WorldCom.

The Global Communications Report is an important indicator of what lies ahead for one of the world’s most dynamic professions and it goes to the core of our mission -- to connect corporations, agencies, academics and students to define the future of the industry and those who will shape it.

For the first time, we are fielding two separate surveys, one to senior level PR/communications professionals, and one to students who are about to enter the field. This data will provide rich opportunities to explore the differences and similarities between the two important groups.

Be sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity to shape the future of one of the fastest growing global industries. After you've taken the survey, share the link with your colleagues. 

Click here to access the professionals survey.

Click here to access the student survey.