Reeves on California's declining public education system

USC Annenberg journalism professor Richard Reeves said California's declining education system is "crushing the middle class" in an op-ed for Truthdig. In the past, if students did well in two-year community college programs they would get to go to the state's four-year schools. Now class cuts, increased fees and a state task force proposing to kick out of the system students who do not have clear goals or motivation have inhibited many from pursuing an education. According to Reeves, people who really do intend to follow the four-year university track will be blocked from community colleges, and classes meant to train firefighters, police officers and nurses will continue to be cut. "In other words, the University of California systems will do what other institutions are doing, crushing the middle class and building a society of rich people, educated or skilled elites, and a bigger and bigger working class without workers," Reeves said. "That is American decline." Read the article here.