Professor K.C. Cole talks to students and faculty on how being open to new perspectives and voices can inspire ideas in our rapidly changing and uncertain world.
USC Annenberg / Benjamin Dunn

Los Angeles Times ran an article by Professor Cole about Syria

The Los Angeles Times ran an op-ed by USC Annenberg Professor K.C. Cole about how game theory, analyzing outcomes in unpredictable situations, is applicable to the current conflict with Syria.

The decision made by President Obama, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad to place Syrian chemical weapons under the control of the United Nations is less about winning, and more about finding the “least worst” solution to the conflict.

“No one gets exactly what he wants. But no one loses everything either,” said Cole.

Cole acknowledges that the conflict with Syria is exceedingly complicated. However, she also points out that “the present pause in the stalemate gives everyone time to think things through.”

“Losing some face is worth it if you can return to play another day — perhaps at a game that plays more to your strengths,” said Cole.