Former Journalism School Director Dies at 90, Los Angeles Times Pays Tribute

The Los Angeles Times reported William Woestendiek, director of the Annenberg journalism school from 1988 until he retired in 1994, died Friday, Jan. 15 at the age of 90.

As managing editor of the now-defunct Houston Post, Woestendiek oversaw the newspaper's expose of government corruption in a Houston suburb that resulted in widespread reforms and a Pulitzer Prize in 1965. The Arizona Daily Star, with Woestendiek in the executive editor's post, won a Pulitzer in 1981 for its investigation into financial irregularities within the University of Arizona's athletic department.
"A newspaper shouldn't be above its readership-- not aloof and arrogant," Woestendiek said in 1983 while working as the executive editor for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "It should be opinionated, even outrageous, but it should be sensible, informative, controversial and, above all, fair."

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