Daily Trojan highlights ClimatePalooza event

USC student media organization the Daily Trojan covered ClimatePalooza 2013, an event hosted by USC Annenberg and sponsored by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to raise awareness for global climate change.
ClimatePalooza, which brought a number of environmental experts to the university, consisted of panels and individual booths that "stressed collaboration among scientists," according to the article.
"Global climate change — as seen in the work of the panelists and environmental scientists around the world — is a hot-button topic for some. But beyond examining the political pitfalls of environmental discourse, panelists pointed out that it’s a matter of personal ethics," the article read. “It does start with yourself — with how you conduct your life and how aware you become of how the climate and the environment work,” Larry Pyror, an associate professor of environmental journalism, told the Daily Trojan. “We all have to try to understand the mechanisms that are leading to these changes,” he said. “We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and to listen to the scientists.”
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