Professor Larry Pryor Talks To NPR About Greenhouse Gas Emissions

USC Annenberg Associate Professor Larry Pryor was featured in a story from NPR’s Seattle affiliate KPLU-FM about Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pryor argued that “scientists are underutilized as evangelists for policies to address greenhouse gas emissions.”

“They should be organized,” Pryor said. “They should be brought into this discussion in a big way and the public will pay attention to them.”

He added that scientists are crucial for convincing the public to be on board with costly projects because gas emissions, as well as any progress being made to reduce them, are difficult to see.

“It’s quite rational for people to say, ‘We want more proof. We want more certainty that what is being proposed to be enacted is actually going to do good,’” said Pryor.

Pryor is also coordinating ClimatePalooza 2014 at USC Annenberg on March 28.