Daily Trojan covers forum with "Shark" Robert Herjavec

USC student media outlet the Daily Trojan covered the Feb. 6 USC Annenberg Dean's Open Forum with entrepreneur Robert Herjavec of "Shark Tank" fame. "Herjavec gave three basic rules for giving 'the perfect pitch:' get their attention; be very careful about blowing things out of context and know the numbers," the article read. Two hours before the noon event kicked off, a line had already formed outside the Geoffrey Cowan Forum. The article mentioned that the talk drew nearly 100 students from a range of majors and disciplines. "He told you that the point of a business isn’t about making money,” said student Nahal Aghajani. “He does it for something bigger than himself, and if you are going to start a business, it has to be for something bigger than yourself.” Read the full piece here.