Swerling says companies should scrutinize Breast Cancer Awareness Month marketing campaigns

Health Care Communication News quoted Jerry Swerling, director of public relations studies at USC Annenberg, on Monday in an article about companies "pinkwashing," or using breast cancer awareness messages in marketing campaigns.

According to the article, the public is more aware of "pinkwashing" and some companies have been criticized for doing it. Swerling weighed in on whether this awareness has changed campaigns.

"You need to distinguish between what marketing people might think and do and what PR people might think and do. A lot of the folks I know, if they were in a meeting with marketing professionals, would ask, 'Is this an authentic thing we're doing and will it stand up to scrutiny? What you're talking about doing isn't terribly impressive or authentic—it would be easy to shoot holes in this.' In a sophisticated organization, there would be this kind of dialogue," Swerling said.

Swerling is skeptical this type of conversation is happening, because many companies still have Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns.

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