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School of Communication offers new courses in the fall

As USC Annenberg takes up residence at the brand new Wallis Annenberg Hall, it will welcome new students and faculty members, as well as number of new and improved classes.

This fall, the School of Communication is offering several new special topics classes, as well as a number of existing courses that are now a part of the school’s curriculum.

CMGT 599: Celebrimedia: The Business of Fame and Celebrity is a new special topics course taught by adjunct faculty member Aaron Settipane. The course will examine the strategies and tactics used to perpetuate fame and celebrity as a business model in the modern entertainment industry.

Another new special topics class is PUBD 599: Military Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy, taught by Professor Carol Atkinson from the School of International Relations. The course will look at how the U.S. military communicates within the U.S. and abroad, as well as look at case studies of past public diplomacy efforts.

Professor David Craig and new adjunct faculty member Bob Levy will be teaching CMGT 552: Visual Storytelling: Production, Management and Culture. The course, which looks at scripted content to understand visual storytelling as a communication strategy, was previously offered as a special topics course.

COMM 444: Critical Theories of Sport, which was also previously taught as a special topics course, is now an elective course in the recently revised curriculum for the Sports Media Studies minor. The course will be taught by Professor William Morgan.

Professor Jonathan Taplin’s COMM 306 has been redesigned and retitled: Innovation, Entertainment, and the Arts. The course will look at innovation in the entertainment industry and how digital mobile media affects media and entertainment content.

Annenberg’s Seminar in Communication (COMM 400) is being taught by adjunct faculty member Michael Robinson. The seminar topic, which changes by semester and professor, will be: Privacy and Security in the Surveillance Age.

The School of Journalism is also offering a number of new classes in the fall.