A conversation with graphic cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco

Monday, September 28, 2020

1:15 p.m. PT


Join Professor of Journalism Sandy Tolan in his and Associate Professor Diane Winston’s class “Power of Narrative” for a conversation with Joe Sacco, the acclaimed and award-winning journalist, author and illustrator whose books have documented war and struggles over the land during the last 25 years.

Comics non-fiction journalist Joe Sacco is author and illustrator of Safe Area Gorazde, Palestine, The Fixer, Footnotes in Gaza, The Great War, Journalism, and his latest, Paying the Land.  For 25 years, Sacco’s work has demonstrated that powerful narrative and investigative journalism extends into the comics form. Sacco’s work has helped redefine the comic book as a form of documentary. He is widely praised as “one of the world's greatest cartoonists” and “creator of the war reportage comics” (France 24). He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious American Book Award.