Academic Forms

Below are commonly used forms for both graduate and undergraduate students. For assistance with the forms, please contact your Annenberg academic advisor or email

Forms and Handouts for All Annenberg Students

Forms for Communication Majors  

COMM Major Requirements

Communication Two-Year and Four-Year Course Plans  

Forms for Journalism Majors, Graduate Students and Non-Majors

Journalism Course Descriptions

JOUR Major Handouts

Equipment Requirement

Media Center Shift

Journalism Two Year and Four-Year Course Plans

Forms for Public Relations Majors

Forms for Public Relations and Advertising Students

Public Relations Course Descriptions

Public Relations Major Handouts

Public Relations Two Year and Four-Year Course Plans

Forms and Handouts for Master of Communication Management Students

Forms for Digital Social Media (MS), Global Communication (MA), Master of Public Diplomacy, Journalism (MS), Specialized Journalism (MA), Specialized Journalism (The Arts) (MA) and Public Relations and Advertising (MA) Students

Please contact your Annenberg academic advisor to request other academic forms.