High-achieving journalism, public relations, and communication majors have the opportunity to earn departmental honors.  Continue reading for information on the communication honors application and the journalism and public relations honors nomination processes.

Eligibility Requirements

The catalog requires that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a declared communication major.
  2. Must have a 3.5 cumulative USC GPA and a 3.5 in all communication courses taken.
  3. Must have completed the core and methods requirements. Core courses are based on the catalog year you entered USC. Please refer to the USC catalog for a specific list of courses.

Note: Students who are completing the core and methods requirements in the current spring term are eligible to apply.

Communication Honors Track

You must complete the following courses:

  1. COMM 495 – Honors Seminar (4 units) Recommended Preparation: COMM 301
  2. COMM 497 – Honors Thesis (4 units)
  • Required courses cannot be taken concurrently.
  • Students must receive at least a B+ or higher in the two honors courses.
  • Please note that completion of these courses does not guarantee departmental honors. You must also maintain a 3.5 cumulative and COMM GPA in order to graduate with Communication honors.  
  • Please click here for the COMM Honors application.

Journalism Departmental Honors

The journalism faculty nominates high-achieving students to participate in the Journalism Honors Seminar (JOUR 498). Nominations are based on academic achievement, performance in the classroom, leadership, and involvement in the school. Students who successfully complete the Honors Seminar course will receive departmental honors