Flickr / Photo by El Fafa.

Create a spark with this new online storytelling tool

Adobe Spark, the latest addition to the Adobe Suite, is a free, easy-to-use web application that provides tools and assets to create stand out visual stories in minutes. Spark provides professional quality online storytelling tools that even a design novice can handle. There are three storytelling content options: social posts, mini-web pages, and narrated videos.
All three content options can be created and accessed from Each content type also has its own accompanying mobile app (all three apps are rated “App Store Editors’ Choice #1 Best New App!”), with content creation synching across the desktop and mobile platforms. The Spark collection of tools includes:

  1. Spark Post. Elevate your social content, i.e. photos, memes, inspirational quotes, announcements, invitations, etc. with countless professional photos available in the Spark library, or use the Spark tools to give your own visuals a design savvy makeover. Start by selecting a photo, then adding text and applying Spark themes to instantly create beautiful post-worthy images. Continue to customize with layouts, color palettes, typography styles and filters to add another level to your social media creativity. Get inspired with these stand out posts examples at:
  2. Spark Page: Makes creating your story, i.e. a newsletter, travel summary, or life journey, truly stand out with beautiful images and magazine-style themes to complement your message. To add visuals, you can utilize your own photos or videos, or search through thousands of license free stock photos to bring your story to life. The glide show function turns images, videos and texts into a fluid, elegant motion that will undoubtedly impress any audience. To fully understand how impactful this tool can be, is to see examples in the Inspiration Gallery:
  3. Spark Video. Start by uploading your own video, pick from several available story templates, or add a series of photos that can be animated into a video. Uploaded videos can but sliced into individual slides and photos can be re-organized; then add text overlays to each slide to help tell the story. You can adjust the video speed up or down, record a narrative audio message and even add background music, either utilizing your own track or selecting from a myriad of license free options. To get started, check out: 

Each content type includes a quick tutorial if needed, but I found the video creation process to be very self-explanatory. Plus, content can be saved to your computer or shared directly from the site or apps, with all credits automatically accompanying your shared content. Seamless user experience!
So, who can benefit from Adobe Spark? Small businesses, bloggers, marketers, and students – or really anyone who wants to create a professional-looking message with stand-out style.

Flickr / Photo by El Fafa.