Flickr / Photo by Bike SLO County.

It’s 3:30pm. Why are you still in your pajamas!

OK, for those of us who have kids, you know how hard it is to get them dressed. How many times have you seen kids dressed in their Halloween costumes at the supermarket and, oh yeah, it’s May? Or my personal favorite, kids in their pajamas on a random Wednesday afternoon at the park? If only they would realize that it is not okay to go outside the house dressed like that. It’s a battle that I face with my kids…until now!

Amazon launched Outfit Compare, a new feature for Prime members that gives you access to Amazon’s fashion specialists. Basically, you can upload two images of yourself in two different outfits and through the magic that is technology, Amazon will tell you which outfit looks better—in about a minute. Yeah, that just happened! Obviously, you will never be stuck standing in front of a mirror again asking yourself, does this look good? You’ll never have to worry about fashion again….but what about the kids? Can we take this technology that is clearly targeted to adults and use its powers for good? I thought it would be super fun to use Outfit Compare on my kids…and let me say, it’s freaking brilliant. However, I did wonder if Amazon would be able to handle my kids’ cuteness, and they did.

So let me break down a typical morning for you. My kids are very strong willed when it comes to their fashion choices. I have one kid who won’t put anything on unless it is the color green or Spider-Man is woven into the look. And another one who would rather be dressed in his underwear and nothing else. And don’t get me started on the last two—yup, I have four. So long story short, it is a challenge that ends up with my kids wearing pretty much whatever they want. Truth be told, I am very happy if they leave the house with their teeth brushed (score for hygiene!). Now enter Outfit Compare…there is something about kids wanting to listen to anyone or anything else except their parents. Well, I let my kids pick one outfit while I picked the other and we let Outfit Compare decide. If only everything in life could be this easy! Wouldn’t it be great if Outfit Compare had a special Eat This, Not That feature? Or a Date Him, Not Him feature? The opportunities of comparison are endless.

Now, my mornings are still the same, but there is a little extra fun and a voice of reason added into the mix.  And who can argue with Amazon? 

Flickr / Photo by Bike SLO County.