Flickr / Photo by Jason Howie.

3 Share-Worthy Social Media Marketing Trends

Here are a few of the latest trends in social media that are share-worthy for brand marketers:

1. Instagram’s new album feature: now users can include up to 10 photos and videos per post, which is big news in the marketing community. This new feature provides brands and influencers more of a storytelling opportunity that was previously limited to advertisers. Step-by-step recipes and favorite moments from an event are just a few types of posts that would particularly benefit from a photo album post. For all users, this is a markedly better alternative than trying to fit multiple images into a small square format. Read the full article at:

2. Luxury Shopping on What’s App: top clients of Yoox Net-a-Porter can already communicate with personal shoppers via the text-messaging service, but soon they’ll also be able to buy products directly on the app. YNAP is currently developing and testing technology to capitalize on this ecommerce opportunity, which would enable them to be the first of their competitors to convert their marketing efforts to sales revenue. Considering YNAP’s mobile customer’s place more than 2x the orders of desktop users, this is a worthwhile investment sure to deliver ROI for the luxury retailer. For more info:

3. Artist Curated Tumblr Pages: Tumblr works directly with brands to curate unique Tumblr pages true to their larger ethos, foster relationships between brands and content creators, and pair brands with like-minded artists for future collaboration opportunities. One of the creative ways Tumblr connects brands with micro-influencers is through Tumblr-hosted meet-ups at a brand’s headquarters. The artist is exposed to the inner workings of the brand, while the up-and-coming creatives can showcase and present their work in person. Additional strategies used by Tumblr can be found at:

Flickr / Photo by Jason Howie.