Areas of Focus

Communication Management is a broad field that encompasses many different specialties and disciplines. In the on-campus program, you may strategically hone in on a focus for depth and choose another area or two to develop breadth in your studies. Each area has its associated courses that are organized into six areas of focus below:

Marketing Communication

The Marketing Communication track focuses on the management of business communication with customers, clients and general consumers outside the organization. It is particularly valuable for individuals with career interests in marketing and sales, publicity and promotions, market research, marketing management, social marketing, advertising, public relations, public communication campaigns, and public or community affairs.

Media & Entertainment Management

This Media and Entertainment track is for students who wish to pursue or expand careers in media and entertainment fields. Students will study the increasing complex possibilities afforded by the convergence and globalization of media and entertainment.

Health & Social Change Communication

The Health and Social Change Communication track centers on how to influence positive behavioral and social change through effective communication messages and campaigns. Topics covered in the courses in this track include audience analysis, marketing communication and the selection of media channels. It is particularly valuable for individuals with career interests in the health, non-profit and public sectors.

International & Intercultural Communication

The International and Intercultural Communication track is for students who wish to pursue or expand careers in international and intercultural communication management. Students will study the latest developments in communication technologies, organizations, industries, and markets in cross-national, cross-cultural contexts.

New Communication Technologies 

This track will deepen your understanding of new communication technologies' impact on individuals, organizations and markets. Students will study foundational concerns and theories surrounding technologies, as well as the latest developments in the field.

Organizational & Strategic Corporate Communication

This track examines both the communication functions as well as the process of communication within organizations. It is particularly valuable for individuals with careers and/or career interests in human resource management, corporate communication, strategic planning, operations management, communication consulting, and other general management functions.