Photo of the WLS

About WLS

Connect. Inform. Inspire. These are the three tenets of the Women’s Leadership Society at USC Annenberg M{2e}. To embody these core principles and involve Trojan women in closing the innovation and corporate leadership gap structured by gender, WLS provides a supportive platform for emerging decision-makers and management professionals to get the exposure they need to thrive in the early stages of their careers. 

Our ongoing speaker series and dessert receptions create opportunities for our members to have high-touch encounters with seasoned and emerging professionals in technology, media, and entertainment. Featured speakers for these intimate interactions have visited us from industry-leading firms such as Inc.; Apple, Inc.; Bloomberg, LP; Comcast Corp.; Disney-ABC Television; Microsoft Corp.; the National Football League; The New York Times; and Texas Pacific Group (TPG).

In addition, the WLS offers opportunities for:

  • Situational leadership whereby members can build confidence and hone an enterprising disposition
  • Networking events with women who are at the forefront of their fields
  • Workshops that refine business communication, negotiation, and reasoning
  • Friendship and connections with highly-motivated peers
  • Greater awareness of the public policy initiatives that impact the well-being of women and their families
  • Community outreach and engagement with young women in the neighboring University Park community
  • Mentoring and internships

Above all else, WLS is a supportive network of achievers that encourages all women--regardless of academic discipline--to find their voice and have the confidence and informed perspective necessary to use it.

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