Screenshot of Miki Turner on CNN.

USC Annenberg Lecturer Miki Turner appears on CNN to discuss #OscarsSoWhite

Professor Miki Turner was tapped to join a panel on CNN Newsroom for a panel discussion on #OscarsSoWhite on January 19, 2016. See video here.

"I think this is an important conversation to have, but I'm not sure how effective a boycott would be against the machine. Someone compared this struggle to Selma and it's apples and oranges. One was about upholding the law, this is about getting recognition from your peers for doing a job that you've been well-compensated for thanks to the people who marched in Selma.”

"These conversations only erupt around awards season when people's feelings get hurt because black folks weren't nominated. The problem is systemic. The opportunities are severely limited for people of color in front of and behind the camera in the motion picture industry. That said, I applaud and support Cheryl Boone Isaacs for what's she trying to do. It's not going to be easy trying to re-invent a well-oiled machine. Contrary to what some people say about not wanting to be her and deal with these challenges, this is a great time to be in that position. I'm hoping she can affect the kind of change during her administration that creates a lasting legacy."

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