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Center for Public Relations launches podcast on the future of public relations

USC Annenberg launched a podcast series on May 21 exploring the most transformative trends of the public relations industry. Hosted by Fred Cook, the director of the Center for Public Relations and chairman of Golin, the #PRFuture podcast features insightful discussions with high-profile guests about their current work and where the communications field is headed.

The show’s first episodes complement the release of the center’s 2020 Global Communication Report, which examines the intersection of public relations and activism, and how PR professionals and activists can work together in meaningful ways. The podcast series will explore these topics further through conversations with March For Our Lives co-founder Brendan Duff, Zero Hour founder Jamie Margolin, diversity and inclusion advocate April Reign, and Procter and Gamble’s chief communications officer, Damon Jones.

“The communication industry is constantly changing, and we believe the #PRFuture podcast will be an easy way for professionals and students to stay ahead of the curve on relevant topics and trends,” Cook said. “We will be showcasing provocative perspectives from a variety of fascinating people.”

The #PRFuture podcast is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcasting platforms (coming soon on Google Podcasts). A direct link to the podcast page is