Reeves says corporations control the government

In his latest Truthdig op-ed, USC Annenberg journalism professor Richard Reeves said Wall Street and corporations control the government. Reeves thinks Wall Street owns politicians, and references a recent Bill Moyers speech in which he pointed out Obama's hypocrisy for criticizing investment bankers then asking them to fund his campaign. Moyers also referenced The Economist, saying, "America is increasingly looking like imperial Britain, with dynastic ties proliferating, social circles interlocking, mechanisms of social exclusion strengthening, and a gap widening between the people who make decisions and shape the culture and the vast majority of working stiffs." And he said the "corporate right-wing takeover of a lot of American politics" that has led to politicians'  dependence on Wall Street and lack of social mobility started in the 1970s with a call for corporate America to create a "giant political machine." Reeves agrees with Moyers that corporations control America and is concerned about legislation that ruled corporations are entitled to the same rights as people. "That’s the way it works: government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations," Reeves wrote. Read the article here.