Reeves op-ed on Occupy Wall Street

The Truthdig website published an op-ed by USC Annenberg journalism professor Richard Reeves on the Occupy Wall Street (and other places) protest. Reeves, who supports the protesters, thinks government control over the movement will lead to further unrest. "If this confusing movement has the momentum, and the government—local, state and federal—has to confront the Occupiers, it will change the politics of the country," Reeves wrote. "People will have to choose sides: order or change." Reeves believes the reason for protest is valid, and points out the salary difference between CEOs and their lowest paid workers has exceptionally grown since the 1970s. Many Americans feel they are being robbed by the wealthiest one percent, Reeves says. "The income of the middle class is falling as a few bankers and such are making more than ever—even though they were a big cause of the collapse of the national economy," Reeves wrote. Read the op-ed here.