Hollywood, Health & Society mentioned in Daily Green article

The Norman Lear Center's Hollywood, Health & Society project was featured on The Daily Green, an online consumer's guide to going green from Good Housekeeping, in an article about Al Gore's latest environmental awareness project. The Hollywood, Health & Society project focuses on spreading health awareness to a large audience by sending public health fact-sheets to TV show writers and movie studios. Writers use the information for story ideas and incorporate public health into their shows. "With television you can beam into the living rooms of people all over the world who will never ask about public health," said Sandra de Castro Buffington, director of the Hollywood Health & Society project. "It is so much more effective to address serious topics in a storyline." De Castro Buffington said the project is starting to include climate information, which could aid Al Gore's movement for public awareness of environmental issues and climate change. To read the entire article click here.